Candy Spelling Sues My Landlord Is An A-Hole!!!

2/22/2013 12:04 PM PST

Candy Spelling Sues -- My Landlord is an A-Hole!


Candy Spelling
is learning the hard way ... it sucks not to own, because she's now suing her landlord who she claims is making her life a living hell.

In Candy's lawsuit -- filed by her attorney Michael Saltz -- she states she's paying $28,000 a month to live in the swanky Carlyle building near Westwood while the ridiculously lavish penthouse she owns is being built.

Here's the problem -- Candy's penthouse isn't done yet ... it's behind schedule.  So she claims she had a deal with the owner of the unit she's renting in the Carlyle to extend her tenancy at her option.  In the suit, she claims the owner is trying to sell the unit and in the process he's breaking the deal by trying to force her out.

What's more ... Candy says the building sucks for all sorts of reasons.  She says she plunked down $10k of her own money to fix the air conditioning and heating system.

And even worse, Candy says the building tried cheating her by double billing for utilities.

And, oh the humanity ... she says the building let unauthorized people use her private elevator.