TMZ Live Heidi Klum Why I'm Doing 'AGT'

3/4/2013 11:30 AM PST

TMZ Live: Heidi Klum -- Why I'm Doing 'America's Got Talent'

TMZ Live

We broke the story ... Heidi Klum is the new "mystery" 4th judge on "America's Got Talent" -- now we talk to Heidi and Howie Mandel about the show's new lineup -- and you gotta hear what Heidi says about Howard Stern ... and her wardrobe!

Plus, Brendan Fraser says he's $90,000 in the red EVERY month, and needs to lower his spousal support -- but we've got a break down of his expenses ... and a few ideas about where he can start saving.

Also, why the hell was Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley jamming in Grand Central Station like your average street musician? We got Boyd live in NYC with some answers.
(0:00) Brendan Fraser claims he spends over $80k more than he makes a month -- and you won't believe the breakdown of what he spends his money on.
(3:45) We call up Howie Mandel to get his opinion on Heidi Klum joining "America's Got Talent" ... and then guess who suddenly shows up? Heidi! Good thing she gets off the phone before Howie cracks an amazing joke at her expense.
(8:00) A powerful group of people have banned together to keep their clients off "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" -- we'll tell you why.
(11:00) Charlie Sheen wants to mentor Lindsay Lohan -- but she's not having it. Surprised?
(15:00) Michael Jordan's alleged love child begged his mother to file suit against Jordan so he'd finally start playing daddy.
(18:00) Dave Matthews Band violinist Boyd Tinsley joins the show to explain why he serenaded Grand Central Station last week.
(23:00) Native Americans are pissed at "Mike & Molly" for cracking a joke about them, but are people too easily upset these days? Harvey's logic ... remember Archie Bunker?
(25:00) Is Candy Spelling the worst tenant ever?
(28:00) Casey Anthony makes her first public appearance since the trial -- and it was chaos.
(31:00) The "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" theme song causes schools to be shut down in Pennsylvania ... we'll tell you why.
(33:00) How sweet ... Kevin Federline and his new baby mama kick it with his old baby mama -- Britney Spears at their sons' soccer game.
(35:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Manti Te'o's photo-op with a bunch of hot (real-life) cheerleaders -- was it a set-up?