Jaclyn Smith Kmart Betrayal!!!

3/14/2013 7:20 AM PDT

'Charlie's Angels' Jaclyn Smith Shops at Restoration Hardware -- KMART BETRAYAL!


"Charlie's Angels" legend Jaclyn Smith TURNED HER BACK on her own Kmart home furnishing line -- at least she did yesterday -- when she decided to shop at the swankier Restoration Hardware instead.

Jaclyn was leaving the high-end home furnishing store in L.A. with her friend ... bag in hand ... when we asked why she was shopping there instead of Kmart, where she sells her Jaclyn Smith-branded wares.

Jaclyn mustered up a quick excuse, aided by her accomplice/friend -- but we gotta say ... it might be the worst excuse we've ever heard.

The ex-Angel even worked in a plug for her Kmart goods ... and then the video actually gets more awkward.