TMZ Live Rachael Ray Show Sued Over Hardcore Weight Loss

4/17/2013 11:30 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Rachael Ray Show Sued Over Hardcore Weight Loss Program

TMZ Live

The lawsuit filed against Rachael Ray's talk show by an obese teen could mean big trouble for all those weight loss TV programs. -- and we'll explain why.

Plus, President Obama lays the down the law with Jay-Z! BO finally talked about the Cuba situation ... and it sounds like he's had enough of his rapper pal. Are the Carters and the Obamas breaking up for good?

And, Heather Locklear recommends semen facials to keep looking young! She ain't crazy ... at least according to the expert who joined us today. No, it's not Farrah Abraham.
(0:00) Rachael Ray is being sued by an obese teen who sought her help -- and the lawsuit could mean trouble for every other weight loss show.
(6:00) Sharon Osbourne's house fire ... was it caused by a relapsing Ozzy?
(10:00) Farrah Abraham is clueless part 50 -- you have to see this clip.
(15:00) President Obama can't help but exude his disdain for the Jay-Z Cuba situation.
(18:00) Heather Locklear says she uses semen to stay young -- so we talk to an expert about it ... and the results are hilarious.
(23:00) Will.I.Am is being sued for allegedly stealing a song ... and he may be screwed on this one.
(25:00) Debbie Rowe and Paris Jackson are hanging out again ... and we know why.
(28:00) Rihanna bails a few concerts in a row citing a medical condition -- and there's a crazy rumor floating around about what that is.
(31:00) Kristin Chenoweth is 44 ... and looks dang good in a bikini ... but that's not the reason people in the office comparing her to Heidi Montag?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Steven Spielberg will be watching movies at Cannes from the comfort of his ridiculous yacht ... and people are ticked.