Yo, Mark Wahlberg! 'Funky Bunch' Reunion Spot ... Available Now

4/26/2013 12:10 PM PDT

Mark Wahlberg -- We've Got Your Perfect 'Funky Bunch' Reunion Spot


Hey, Mark Wahlberg ... about that Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch reunion you said you were down to do -- someone's now offering up a venue for the highly anticipated event ... TMZ has learned.

The music and youth group, Boston City Singers, is holding a benefit for bombing victims this weekend ... and they've extended an open invitation to Mark and his crew.

The group's director Melissa Graham tells us ... "We would be honored to join with Mark and the Funky Bunch in a concert to help us all heal from the atrocities of the Boston Marathon terrorists."

There's a connection here -- the Dorchester-based group says it's received generous funds from the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation -- so they'd welcome him with open arms.

The event's going down Saturday at St. Mark's Church (appropriate) -- which doesn't give Wahlberg a ton of time to get his choreography together.

We've reached out to Mark's people, but no word back yet.

Fingers crossed, Boston.