Sorority Emailer Double F**king Newsflash ... Gets a Job Offer at Scores

4/27/2013 11:14 AM PDT

Sorority Emailer Rebecca Martinson -- Double F**king Newsflash ... I'm Getting a Job Offer at Scores


Rebecca Martinson -- the sorority girl whose expletive-filled email set the Internet on fire this week -- clearly thinks her former sisters are no fun, so a webcam site wants to give her the chance to hang out with some livelier ladies (aka STRIPPERS).

The folks at are reaching out to Martinson (who quit her sorority after the email went viral) to give her the chance to come work for them ... as an online chat host for certain "special events."

In their offer letter, the folks at Scores attempted to butter up the volatile Martinson by saying, "We feel with your 'girl next door' looks and your unique use of vocabulary you would be a perfect fit."

The gig would not require nudity (but would pay more if she were willing) and even includes at $10,000 signing bonus ... which is less than the guys in the NFL Draft get this weekend, but awesome for a college kid.

No word on whether or not any c*** punting will be involved.