TMZ Live Patrick Schwarzenegger Ice Cold Diva Behavior

5/6/2013 12:30 PM PDT

TMZ Live: Patrick Schwarzenegger -- Ice Cold Diva Behavior Gets Him 86'd from Nightclub

TMZ Live

Patrick Schwarzenegger gets the Reese Witherspoon Award of the week -- after getting booted from a Hollywood nightclub, and threatening to fight the DJ. Can you spell ENTITLED? Patrick can.

Plus, Lindsay Lohan comes clean about drugs and alcohol ... but is anyone buying her version of the truth? Has she just done so much booze and pills that she can't remember the truth?

And, major uproar after Miley Cyrus spills the beans about topping Maxim's Hot 100 list -- so we talk to a REAL contender ... former WWE stunner Kelly Kelly. Seriously, WOW.
(0:00) Patrick Schwarzenegger showed his true brat colors -- threatening to kick DJ's ass after getting kicked out of a club. Growing up rich and famous must be tougher than we think.
(7:00) Mama June finally tied the knot with Sugar Bear -- in the greatest redneck wedding of the century.
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan is full of it during an interview about her drug past ... you have to hear what she tried to sell to Piers Morgan.
(18:00) Miley Cyrus is Maxim's hottest woman -- and you'll realize how ridiculous that is when you take a look at our guest ... WWE's Kelly Kelly. Holy smokes.
(23:00) Reese Witherspoon wears an Atlanta City Police hat -- and we can't figure out if it's out of respect ... or a big joke.
(26:00) Haunting last video of Kris Kross' Chris Kelly.
(28:00) Charlie Sheen is totally on board with having his kids taken away from Brooke Mueller.
(31:00) Paris Jackson spends Katherine Jackson's birthday ... with her biological mom Debbie Rowe.
(33:00) Kobe Bryant's feud with his mother -- we know what's going on behind the scenes.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Chris Brown has pissed off his neighbors by spray painting his own home ... as if his car wasn't ridiculous enough.