Danity Kane Diddy Schmiddy Ex-Producer Down for Reunion

5/19/2013 5:30 AM PDT

Danity Kane -- Ex-Producer Says He's Down For Reunion ... Diddy Schmiddy

Diddy's former right-hand man -- the guy who worked closely with Danity Kane back in the "Making the Band 3" days -- says their careers were unfairly cut short, and he LOVES the idea of a reunion.

TMZ broke the story ... the all-girl band Diddy created -- then ripped apart -- is getting back together without his blessing.

Now Conrad Dimanche tells TMZ, "I think it's a great idea and the fans would love it." He added that, in his eyes, the group only broke up due to "senseless differences."

Dimanche was an Executive Producer and A&R man for Diddy for 10 years ... and says he's ready to work with Danity Kane again if they reach out to him.

As for DK's bad blood with Diddy ... Dimanche says, "I couldn't speak for him on his thoughts of the girls reuniting, but I will say it would make the most sense if he was involved."

Dimanche must be a glutton for punishment ... 'cause things didn't exactly end on an up note his last go-around with DK.