Aubrey O'Day Backs Cassie Amid Diddy Claims ... 'Been Trynna Tell Y'all'

Aubrey O'Day is taking a victory lap over her thorny Diddy stance after Cassie accused him of multiple crimes ... something AOD backs 100%.

The former Danity Kane singer -- who used to be signed to Bad Boy and worked extensively with Diddy in the 2000s -- shouted out Cassie on social media after her bombshell lawsuit against her ex went public, writing ... "Been Trynna Tell Y'all For Years."

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She also told Page Six she's in "complete support" of Cassie ... and that what Cassie describes in her complaint probably echoes some of what Aubrey herself has said about Diddy.

If you're unaware, Aubrey's been doing multiple interviews over the past year or so ... in which she made allegations of her own against Puff -- but not quite to the level Cassie did. AOD's concerns mostly stemmed from what she claimed were shady biz practices ... and unwanted sexual advances from Diddy that she claims she had to rebuff over the years.


Aubrey also recently slammed Diddy finally signing off on his former artists getting their publishing rights back ... claiming that he had them sign NDAs as part of the deal.

She says she was offered her own publishing rights back as well, but refused to sign the alleged NDA she says came attached to it -- something else Aubrey's feeling vindication over.

Diddy hasn't addressed Aubrey's claims ... but he has responded to Cassie's, saying it's all BS and nothing but a money shakedown. As we reported ... he's now at the center of a criminal probe in NYC, which appears to relate to a sexual assault investigation.

Danity Kane Group Blew Up Over Diabolical Conspiracy

Danity Kane's last straw was an ambush ... 2 girls against the third.

Sources connected with the group tell TMZ ... Dawn Richard went nuclear when she found out Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex were meeting behind her back ... recording tracks without her and discussing business matters involving the group.

We're told the cover was blown Monday ... when Dawn showed up to the studio and interrupted a private session with Shannon and Aubrey. That's what set things off and caused the fight, that ended with Dawn punching Aubrey.

Dawn tells us the stories about her being a brute are "exaggerated lies and false accusations."

Danity Kane Cops Investigating Violent Studio Catfight

A Danity Kane recording sesh erupted in violence Monday ... and they actually needed a first aid kit.

We're told bandmates Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day got physical during a disagreement at an L.A. studio on Monday, resulting in Dawn slugging Aubrey in the head with a closed fist.

DK's third member, Shannon Bex, was also there and tried unsuccessfully to break up the fight.

This isn't the first time DK's had issues ... the original five members disbanded in 2009, with four of them reuniting last year. Aundrea Fimbres quickly dropped out, leaving the remaining three.

Aubrey filed a battery report. Cops are investigating.

Ex-Danity Kane Singer I Got Screwed Out Of The Reunion

Original Danity Kane singer D. Woods would have LOVED to perform with the group during their reunion concert in L.A. this week ... only problem, she says they didn't invite her.

Woods tells us she first heard about the groups reunion plans back in May -- but not through the girls -- instead she learned via TMZ ... when we shot the girls meeting up with a new manager.

The 29-year old singer says none of the girls ever expressed any interest in a reunion after breaking up 5 years ago ... and Woods was met with resistance every time she tried.

Woods isn't quite sure why the girls want nothing to do with her ... but says she's happy they're still having success with "the sound that I helped them create."

Sure sounds like it.

Danity Kane Diddy Schmiddy Ex-Producer Down for Reunion

Diddy's former right-hand man -- the guy who worked closely with Danity Kane back in the "Making the Band 3" days -- says their careers were unfairly cut short, and he LOVES the idea of a reunion.

TMZ broke the story ... the all-girl band Diddy created -- then ripped apart -- is getting back together without his blessing.

Now Conrad Dimanche tells TMZ, "I think it's a great idea and the fans would love it." He added that, in his eyes, the group only broke up due to "senseless differences."

Dimanche was an Executive Producer and A&R man for Diddy for 10 years ... and says he's ready to work with Danity Kane again if they reach out to him.

As for DK's bad blood with Diddy ... Dimanche says, "I couldn't speak for him on his thoughts of the girls reuniting, but I will say it would make the most sense if he was involved."

Dimanche must be a glutton for punishment ... 'cause things didn't exactly end on an up note his last go-around with DK.

Danity Kane Reunion Diddy Be Damned They're Doing This

Aubrey O'Day and her Danity Kane pals gave their fans some great news -- they're getting back together! Now the big question: will Diddy, their creator and destroyer, be excited?

Smaller side question: what's a Danity Kane?

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Danity Kane Screw Diddy We're BACK Without Him

Diddy's gonna be pissed -- TMZ has learned, Danity Kane (the band he created and later destroyed) is reuniting ... without his blessing.

Four original members of the group -- Aubrey O'Day, Shannon Bex, Dawn Richard, and Aundrea Fimbres -- grabbed lunch today in L.A. with a new manager to discuss the reunion ... and sources tell TMZ, it's definitely happening. We're told they plan to record and tour.

We asked the girls if Diddy was involved this time around ... their response -- "Who's that?"

You'll recall, Diddy created the group back in 2005 during "Making the Band 3" and later signed them to Bad Boy Records. In 2009, Diddy fired the entire group (with the exception of Dawn Richard).

It's unclear who really owns the name "Danity Kane" -- but we're told the girls are going to use it regardless. Translation: you can expect a nasty legal battle.

As for why Diddy eventually gave the group the chop -- there have been all kinds of rumors ... but we're told the girls felt Diddy was screwing them big-time in the money department.

We called Diddy's people -- so far ... no response.

Calamity Kane Danity Singer Faceplants

One of the girls from Danity Kane who isn't Aubrey O'Day got down on stage at Youngstown University this weekend -- literally.

Do you have a first aid kit handy?

Danity Kane Toe Jammin' in Vegas

Diddy's proteges skanked it up celebrated their number one album (really - number one??) by kicking off their Manolos at The Bank nightclub in The Bellagio.

We didn't know you could wear skis into the club - paging Paris Hilton!

Aubrey O'Day Backtracks on DK Dig

Diva Aubrey O'Day found herself in a heap of trouble last week when she all but flat-out admitted to TMZ that she was leaving P. Diddy-created "supergroup" Danity Kane for a better gig with the Pussycat Dolls. Now she's done a 180, and loudly reaffirmed her love for DK!

TMZ's camera's caught O'Day knockin' on DK and Diddy last week, with O'Day saying that she "hasn't looked at [Diddy] for more than ten minutes" and that she didn't know what was up with a second DK album. That's a harsh 'tude from a reality TV pop tart!

In response to the damaging video, the ever-talkative O'Day released the following statement:

Once again I would like to put to rest absurd rumors. I love being a member of Danity Kane and have always been down with DK musically. I'm looking forward to a second DK album and I totally support all members of DK in all of their endeavors.

Danity Kane & The Chocolate Factory

P.Diddy girl group Danity Kane's resident good time girl, Aubrey O'Day, partied at the Life Ball in Vienna on Friday -- looking like the bastard love child of Kelly Ripa and an Oompa-Loompa!

While basking in the natural sun may be hazardous to your health, so is slathering on globs of drag queen eye makeup and sunless tanning cream in a natural shade of ... orange!

Doompa-Dee-Do, Reege!

Danity Pain

With Mess USA Tara Conner just out of rehab, the world is waiting to see who will be crowned the next barfly princess. From the looks of Aubrey O'Day of Danity Kane, the wait is over!

The cocktail-clasping chanteuse celebrated her 23rd birthday at NYC hotspot Katra on Monday, sporting smeared linebacker eyeliner leftover from the Super Bowl, and a layered satin 80s dress straight out of Molly Ringwald's prom line. Aubrey should have gone with pretty in pink instead.

While having fun on your birthday is natural, looking like a PSA for the morning after pill is not!

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