Anthony Weiner Vs. NY Cabbie Who's The Bigger A-Hole?

9/16/2013 7:11 AM PDT

Anthony Weiner vs. NY Cabbie -- Who's The Bigger A-Hole?

Here's something new ... video of Anthony Weiner in a standoff with someone in NYC this weekend, and for once, he's not the biggest jerk in the clip.

Anthony was walking his nearly 2-year-old son across the street (cute moment actually) when some cabbie in a bright yellow SUV made a hard turn RIGHT IN FRONT of Weiner and son.

Weiner was clearly pissed ... yelling what sounds like, "What the f**k?" ... while staring down the driver.

He even broke out the "f-you stroll" -- slowing his walk to a snail's pace and forcing the cabbie to sit there and wait until Weiner got out of the way.

BTW -- cabbie totally deserved it ... and for once, we're kinda glad Weiner acted like a dick.