Ed Hardy Founder I HATE Jon Gosselin

10/5/2013 9:00 AM PDT

Ed Hardy Founder Christian Audigier -- I HATE Jon Gosselin


Jon Gosselin's bromance with Ed Hardy founder Christian Audigier is officially over -- and just like Jon's marriage to Kate ... things didn't end well.

As you may recall -- Gosselin and Audigier were best buds during Jon's reality show heyday ... and even vacationed together while planning a children's clothing line.

But that's all changed according to Audigier ... who had nothing but bad things to say about Jon while cruising out of Bootsy Bellows in Hollywood last night.

Christian doesn't explain his sudden hate -- but Ed Hardy himself recently spoke out saying he's also not too fond of Gosselin ... because after associating with Jon, the company's sales TANKED.