Elvis Presley MOVIE Could Finally Happen ... Says Lisa Marie

10/15/2013 7:15 AM PDT

Elvis Presley -- MOVIE Could Finally Happen ... Says Daughter


Johnny Cash got a movie. So did Ray Charles. And now it seems that Elvis Presley could finally be the next big music legend to get on the big screen ... so says his daughter.

Lisa Marie Presley was out in SoHo last night when we asked why Hollywood was taking so long to make a major box office feature about her dad, a la "Walk the Line" or "Ray."

But Lisa Marie gave an answer that should be pretty encouraging to Elvis fans -- suggesting that there's finally some real "talk" about getting the movie made.

There are reports that Mick Jagger is trying to spearhead an Elvis movie called, "Last Train to Memphis" -- focusing on The King's early years -- but it's unclear if that's what LM is referring to.

Now ... who's hungry for a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich??