Paris Hilton In My Book ... Lindsay's Still a Firecrotch

12/23/2013 7:20 AM PST

Paris Hilton -- In My Book, Lindsay Lohan's Still a Firecrotch


Paris Hilton says Lindsay Lohan is dead to her ... claiming the relationship is OVER FOR GOOD after the fight at Lindsay's party in Miami ... and the hatred is burning like a fiery ... crotch.

Hilton was at LAX this weekend and with a smile on her face, told photogs Lindsay is on her "naughty list" this year ... and that she would NEVER make up with her former party pal.

And that was Paris being NICE ... 'cause privately, we know Paris HATES LINDSAY'S GUTS ... and still believes she's the stinky, disgusting "firecrotch" that her pal Brandon Davis ranted about a few years back.

Bottom line -- Lindsay shouldn't expect a Christmas card this year. Or next year ... or the year after that.