Ray Liotta Sues Skin Care Co. A Pocks On You

3/6/2014 12:40 AM PST

Ray Liotta Sues Skin Care Co. -- A Pocks on You


Ray Liotta says a skin care company is like a pimple on his ass, and he's gonna pop it ... in court.

Liotta has filed a federal lawsuit against a company called Nerium International, which hawks a skin care product called Nerium AD.

The company has been blanketing social media since October, touting Liotta's "before and after" pics and taking credit for the results, saying the Goodfella turned back the clock thanks to their wonder cream.

Liotta is pissed, saying he never used the product and certainly didn't give permission to use his name or likeness.

Liotta is suing the company and one of the investors -- Michael Shouhed who stars in "Shahs of Sunset - for lots of money, and he wants an immediate face lift ... as in, lift my face off your stupid ad.