'DWTS' Amputee Amy Purdy I'm Dancing On Hydraulic Feet!

3/20/2014 6:25 AM PDT

'DWTS' Amputee Amy Purdy -- I'm Dancing On Hydraulic Feet!


Amy Purdy
-- the double amputee competing on "Dancing with the Stars" -- is using low rider technology to give her a competitive edge on the show -- she's testing out prosthetic feet that are powered with hydraulics.

The U.S. Paralympic snowboarder tells TMZ she's pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity by experimenting with different kinds of artificial feet to enhance her dancing abilities ... including a pair with hydraulic ankles.

We're told Southern California Prosthetics in Orange County sent over several sets of feet for Amy to try out this week with her partner, Derek Hough. Amy says she wants to try out different types of feet for different dances -- for example, she wants feet with high heels to do the samba. 

But she's also testing out the hydraulic gams that allow her ankles to move in different directions -- rather than being stuck at a 90 degree angle -- which means she can extend her foot off the ground or land gracefully on the tips of her toes if she's doing a contemporary dance routine.

And you were worried about your own two left feet.