TMZ Live John Mayer Begged I WANT Fake Rolexes

3/20/2014 9:45 PM PDT

TMZ Live: John Mayer Begged ... I WANT Fake Rolexes

John Mayer's showdown with Charlie Sheen's BFF ... over fake Rolexes -- just got really interesting. Did Mayer put out a public plea for what he referred to as "counterfeit" Rollies? That's what the watch dealer's claiming ... and now Charlie's going on the attack too.

Plus, Chris Brown might have found a giant loophole to get him out of jail ... and quick. All it's gonna take is a giant stack of money to the alleged assault victim in D.C.

And, someone was brave enough to steal from Hulk Hogan -- and judging from the surveillance video ... it was a older lady. Hulk joins us to explain what he's doing to nab her.  

(0:00) John Mayer actually sought out counterfeit watches to buy.
(7:00) Chris Brown's genius way to get out of jail.
(10:00) Crazy Wheel of Fortune solver -- was it rigged?
(15:00) White House pasty chef is on the outs.
(18:00) Hulk Hogan joins us to explain how a old lady was able to steal from him.
(24:00) Kathie Lee Gifford makes a joke she should never make ... about sweatshops.
(29:00) Paul Walker's daughter -- who will get custody?
(32:00) Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps is dead -- should we celebrate.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Tim's rejects!