Paul Walker Car Collection Up for Sale ... But Without His Name

5/1/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Paul Walker's Car Collection For Sale ... But Without His Name

Paul Walker's famous car collection is now up for sale, but TMZ has learned the estate will NOT use Paul's name in connection with the sale. 

According to our sources, Walker's exotic car shop, Always Evolving, is working with the estate to organize the sale, which has already begun -- but we're told the estate felt Paul wouldn't want his name, or the infamy of his fatal crash, to be used to jack up prices.

According to our sources, about 30 cars will go up for sale ... including BMWs, Audis, a lot of Mustangs, and a few Porsches.

We're told all vehicle sales will be private through high end brokers. Sorry, Walker fans ... these cars won't be popping up on AutoTrader.