Efrem Zimbalist Jr. 'FBI' Star Dead

5/3/2014 6:36 AM PDT

'FBI' Star Efrem Zimbalist Jr. Dead ... Dies at 95

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In the annals of TV history, Effrem Zimbalist Jr. was definitely top of the heap ... he died Friday at 95.

Zimbalist starred in "The FBI" -- an ENORMOUS hit in the '60s and '70s in which he played an amazingly handsome and smooth G-man.

"FBI" was by no means his only big score.  In the late '50s and '60s he starred in a show that re-set pop culture -- "77 Sunset Strip," playing a snarky P.I.

Effrem's daughter, Stephanie Zimbalist, had her own success, starring in "Remington Steele" in the '80s.  Effrem had a recurring role.

As for Effrem, he also did a ton of movies and had recurring roles in lots of TV shows, including "Maverick."