Tom Cruise's Son Spinning, Eating & Banging ... Around The World

5/14/2014 12:20 AM PDT

Tom Cruise's Son Connor -- Spinning, Eating and Banging Around The World


Connor Cruise is living the good life ... traveling the globe and cramming his days with food, women and song -- and his friends say he's not at all concerned about his gluttonous lifestyle.

19-year-old Cruise showed off his new dreadlocks -- and a few extra pounds -- last week in Mexico ... and sources close to CC tell TMZ he chalks up the weight gain to his crazy lifestyle as a globetrotting DJ.

He's been spinning recently in Guatemala, the Dominican Republic, Montreal, Miami and Washington D.C. -- and has steady work in Atlantic City.

It's great to be booked solid, but we're told he gets treated to a massive feast in each city -- dining on the best local cuisine -- and when he's not spinning, Cruise relaxes by playing video games.

You see the challenge: tons of great food, little time for exercise.

That being said ... we're told Cruise is still cleaning up when it comes to attention from the ladies -- so for now ... he's not watching the scale.