Ice-T Performs 'Cop Killer' Again

6/13/2014 10:10 AM PDT

Ice-T Performing 'Cop Killer' Again -- Body Count Reunion [VIDEO]

Ice-T's thrash metal band Body Count reunited Thursday night in New York and this awkward moment happened -- the "Law and Order: SVU" detective performing "Cop Killer."

The group recently started doing a few shows to promote the release of a new album ... and last night at the Gramercy Theatre they dusted off their most controversial song.

There was a ton of controversy surrounding the '92 release of "Cop Killer" ... Vice Prez Dan Quayle and President Bush blasted the song -- and police organizations across the country rallied against the band and its record label.

Ice-T eventually agreed to pull the song from the record and replaced it with a song called "Freedom of Speech."