Kevin Hart Hey Dreamy McMug Don't Go Armani ... Stick to Jumpsuits

6/28/2014 12:22 AM PDT

Kevin Hart -- Hey Dreamy McMug ... Don't Go Armani, Stick to Jumpsuits


Kevin Hart thinks criminal defendant/con Jeremy Meeks (aka Dreamy McMug) is crazy not to embrace the jumpsuit ... but Kevin does think the color is all wrong.

Hart was coming out of Craig's restaurant Friday night when we quizzed him on McMug, who asked the judge if he could come to court in a tailored suit -- presumably as an audition for modeling agencies.

We also asked Kev about birthday sex -- his BD is coming up in a week -- and he definitely believes in something extra.

And he even shows us where he gets his inspiration for his material.

Happy birthday dude.  You're awesome.