Zoey Tur O.J. Chopper Pilot Completes Sexual Reassignment

6/30/2014 8:20 AM PDT

O.J. Chopper Pilot -- Completes Sexual Reassignment

Former legendary news helicopter pilot, Bob Tur, can officially roar like a woman ... because she's completed gender reassignment surgery.

Bob ... who now goes by Zoey ... famously covered the O.J. Bronco chase and captured the Reginald Denny beating for KCBS in L.A.

Zoey tells TMZ she finished the sexual reassignment surgery last week, and is recovering in the hospital.  We're also told she had "major cranial facial surgery."  

Zoey called in to TMZ Live while she was in the early stages of becoming a woman ... and explained her experience with gender dysphoria ... and how happy she was with the transformation process.

One of the things that worried her was the ability to fly with the same expertise ... which she admitted had become difficult.

As we previously reported ... Tur's rival helo-pilot, Dirk Vahle, underwent the same transformation to become Dana two years ago, and the two are now close friends.