'Big Brother' Contestant Slut Shaming Is Ruining My Life CBS Sends Backup

10/4/2014 12:40 AM PDT

'Big Brother' Contestant --Slut Shaming Is Ruining My Life ... CBS Sends Backup

Slut, skank, whore ... "Big Brother" contestant Christine Brecht's been labeled all of the above and worse since last week's finale -- and the wave of hate is so brutal, she now needs semi-professional help to cope.

Even though she's married, Brecht carried on a very affectionate relationship with fellow house guest Cody -- and she's paid the price on social media. One 'BB' fan wrote, "Christine is a motherf*****g trash ass thot bitch motherf****r whore cheater scum." And that's the abridged version.

Brecht tells TMZ it got bad enough that CBS set her up with ex 'BB' star Shelly Moore ... who's now giving Christine advice on how to re-enter the real world. She says Shelly's Rule #1 is ... stay off social media and keep your life private.

Brecht's hoping comments like, "Karma is a bitch you cheater!" will start to die down.

As for whether she cheated with Cody -- Brecht would only say, "My husband and I, we're golden."