Joe Francis ¡Soy Un Papá! My Babies Have Exquisite Kardashian Style

10/8/2014 12:30 PM PDT

Joe Francis -- Soy Un Papa! My Babies Have Exquisite Kardashian Style

Retired "Girls Gone Wild" owner Joe Francis and his girlfriend just gave birth to twin Mexican girls -- well, technically, since she gave birth in Mexico -- and the newborn babes already have a fairy godmother -- Kris Jenner.

Joe's partner, Abbey, delivered two healthy girls -- Alexandria Claire and Athena Olivia -- Tuesday at a hospital in Puerto Vallarta ... and since they were born in Mexico, they're automatically given Mexican citizenship.

Sources close to the family tell us ... the babies are already being showered with gifts ... including pink Hermes blankets and Hermes clothing courtesy of Kris Jenner and the Kardashians.

The couple -- who live in Punta Mita -- conceived the girls through in vitro fertilization --  which can allow parents to choose the sex and other characteristics of their child. Francis said they chose IVF to make sure their babies were healthy and free of genetic illnesses.