Earl Hayes Rapped About Murder-Suicide Four Years Ago

12/9/2014 2:45 PM PST

Earl Hayes -- Rapped About Murder-Suicide Four Years Ago

Rapper Earl Hayes had thoughts of suicide long before killing his wife and himself on Monday -- back in 2010 he recorded a song with lines like, "I could just kill us both, go out with a smash."

The song was called "Suicide" and it was part of a mixtape Hayes put out called "The First 48" (which also happens to be an A&E show about murder investigations). 

It's pretty eerie ... in the song Hayes describes almost exactly the tragedy with his wife, VH1 star Stephanie Moseley:

Shoot your girlfriend or when you get surrounded by cops. 
F**k the real life shoot it out and do your time on the spot. 

Make a family crying with your girl and their hearstses. 
Take somebody with you who really didn't deserve it.
Show everybody that life just ain't perfect.
And when you get mad, it's time to close curtains,
Cuz this song is for you.

In another song ... "Introducing Hayes" ... he raps, "I want respect even if I got to die for it. Even if my family gotta stand over my casket and cry for it."