Jeremih Arrested For Being Just Plane Stupid

12/12/2014 4:55 PM PST

R&B Singer Jeremih Arrested For Being Just Plane Stupid

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R&B singer Jeremih was arrested Friday at Newark Airport ... after trying to strong-arm a friend onto a plane.

Port Authority officials tell us Jeremih was travelling with members of his band on US Air. Apparently they were late, because Jeremih barely made it onto the jetway that leads to the plane but several members of his band were left high and dry when the door closed.

Jeremih and a friend somehow pried open the jetway door and at least one of the wayward guys scurried through.

Here's the thing. That's illegal. So Jeremih and his friend were yanked off the plane, arrested and charged with obstruction and disorderly conduct. The guy who tried sneaking onto the plane was charged with defiant trespass.

Not the first time he's caused a Fuddruckus in public.