Kid 'n Play Karaoke Crushes Backstreet Classic ... Where All the White Girls?!!

12/31/2014 12:40 AM PST

Kid 'n' Play Karaoke -- Crushes Backstreet Classic ... 'Where All My White Girls?!!'


This definitely ain't gonna hurt nobody -- rapper Chris "Kid" Reid from Kid 'n Play absolutely killing it ... with a karaoke version of "I Want It That Way."

Reid got on the mic Monday night at West Hollywood hot spot Rock & Reilly's Irish Pub -- and got some help from singer Will Luke ... who used to record with Kid 'n Play. 

Sure, Reid could've rapped one of his classics, but instead he sang, and guess what? He really can! Dude even harmonized with Luke ... kinda like Backstreet! 

Moment of the video though -- Luke yelling for the audience to join in. Especially the, uh ... Caucasian ladies.