Bill Cosby Accusers Phylicia Rashad is an Embarrassment

1/7/2015 9:32 AM PST

Bill Cosby Accusers -- Phylicia Rashad is an Embarrassment


1:45 PM PT -- A third Cosby accuser, Katherine McKee, tells TMZ she is "disturbed" by Rashad's comments, but feels greed is the motivating factor. She tells us, "When they pull the shows, residuals stop. So they step up and figure out what they can say to get it back. I think it’s about money with her ... suddenly she is losing her money."Phylicia Rashad is not only off base in her attack against Bill Cosby's accusers, she lacks morals ... this according to 2 of the alleged sexual assault victims. 

Sarita Butterfield, a former Playboy Bunny who now claims Cosby put his hands all over her body, is indignant that Rashad would blindly support her former co-star, telling us, "What if something like this happened to her daughter? Shame on her and shame on Bill."

Another accuser, Angela Leslie, grouses, "I looked at her as a woman with morals, and it's sad that she's speaking like this."

Angela dismisses Rashad's conspiracy because the accusers are strangers to each other and spread out all over the country.

Attorney Gloria Allred is rolling out 3 new accusers today at a 11:30 AM PT news conf. We'll be livestreaming.