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Sacha Baron Cohen Soccer Movie Under Fire Over Fat, Ugly Women

1/7/2015 9:17 AM PST

Sacha Baron Cohen -- Soccer Movie Under Fire ... Over Fat, Ugly Women

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Sacha Baron Cohen has pissed off local politicians in the English town of Grimsby -- all over reports that he's using enormous fat women to play Grimsby soccer fans in his new movie. 

Cohen is reportedly using a gang of "revolting" 300-pound ladies in his upcoming scripted flick "Grimsby" -- based around a soccer hooligan who lives in the real U.K. town of Grimsby. 

Now, Austin Mitchell -- a local member of parliament -- is going off about the reports ... telling MailOnline, "I know it's a joke but I haven't seen these fat ladies anywhere. If they were so fat they wouldn't fit through the turnstiles at the stadium."

Mitchell continued, "You can find fat ladies anywhere, we don't have an accumulation of them. We have the problems of a town which needs more development and jobs and its lost its basic industry."

As we previously reported, the townspeople are also upset with the movie -- claiming Cohen is unfairly portraying the city as being overrun with hooligans and low-lifes.

But Grimsby City Council members have told TMZ ...  everyone should relax ... the film is a comedy -- not a realistic depiction of Grimsby. They say Cohen isn't even shooting in Grimsby.
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