Scooter Braun Now Has Little Scooter Wife Gives Birth

2/7/2015 4:24 PM PST

Scooter Braun Now Has a Little Scooter ... Wife Gives Birth


Scooter Braun has a new protege ... a son, because we found out his wife has given birth, and one of the first people to eyeball the kid was Scooter's OG protege, Justin Bieber.

Yael Cohen Braun gave birth Friday to a baby boy.  We're told everyone's doing great.  They're still in an L.A. hospital and their floor was populated Saturday with several huge music stars, including Justin.

We don't know the kid's name.  The only thing we know is that his name is NOT Scooter.

Apparently, some of the nurses didn't know who Scooter was, so when Justin walked in they freaked out.