Nickelback Singer This is How Bieber Reminds Me ... Of Embarrasment!!

2/20/2015 6:10 AM PST

Nickelback's Chad Kroeger -- This is How Justin Bieber Reminds Me ... OF EMBARRASSMENT!!

Things are getting hot in Canada after Nickelback lead singer Chad Kroeger dropped the a verbal bomb on fellow countryman Justin Bieber.

Kroeger appeared on NXFM's morning show Friday, and when the hosts asked him about Bieber ...Chad blasted away, saying ... "I think that he’s going to look back at this time in his life and he’s going be ashamed of the things that he’s done."

Kroeger also thinks Bieber was treated like a king too early in his career ... and said he hoped Justin would turn out like another celebrity -- take a listen to find out which one.

No response from Bieber, but clearly ...this means war, eh?