Suge Knight Video of Fatal Crash Proves I'm Innocent!!!

3/9/2015 3:17 PM PDT

Suge Knight -- Video of Fatal Crash Proves I'm Innocent!


Suge Knight is elated ... video of his fatal hit and run proves he's an innocent man.

Suge called a family member after we posted the video, and he says it's his ticket out of jail. Suge acknowledges if it were just his word against the word of others, "I'd be so far up under the jail," because everyone assumes he's always the bad guy.

Suge says the video answers critical questions:

-- He was attacked by Bone the second he arrived at Tam's

-- Bone had a gun, which he claims you can see in the video when Bone hands it off to someone

-- There was a crowd out for blood, making it impossible for him to escape past them down the street

We're told Suge and his team are planning to use the video in a bail hearing so he can get out pending trial.