Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Racist Hater ... You Don't Know Stereotypes!

4/16/2015 8:49 AM PDT

Chrissy Teigen -- Calls Out Racist Hater ... Get Your Stereotypes Straight!

Chrissy Teigen got into it with a racist heckler on the street -- and then gave the guy a verbal smackdown ... with the best comeback.

Chrissy says she was walking in West Hollywood this morning when she dropped her sunglasses -- and some guy shouted out a racist slur for Asians, saying ... "f**king ch**ks always dropping s**t."

She says she acknowledged the comment and the jackass responded with more racism ... or attempted racism, anyway.

Gotta love Chrissy's response though. She tweeted, "like that's not even a stereotype. get your shit together. What a bad racist."

Chrissy 1, Racism 0