Lindsay Lohan Watch Your Language!!!

5/15/2015 6:38 AM PDT

Lindsay Lohan -- Watch Your Language!!!


9:10 AM PT -- Lindsay knows her Arabic, apparently. Upon further review it sounds like she yelled, "Khalas! Stop." The word means "enough" in English. Guess she's boned up since that Insta flub.Lindsay Lohan has already proven she can't read in Arabic, so could it be she's now trying to speak it?

Our photog spotted LiLo smoking a cigarette outside The Dirty French, a NYC restaurant on the Lower East Side. We tried asking how community service was going, but she wasn't having it.

Lindsay blew off the photog in a language that sounds vaguely like Arabic, but we can't be sure, and we're guessing neither can people who actually speak Arabic. 

LiLo famously butchered the language in a recent Instagram post.

If you figure this one out, let us know.