Verne Troyer Has Mini Fall on Stage Hits Head on Speaker

7/12/2015 2:05 PM PDT

Verne Troyer -- Mini Fall on Stage ... Hits Head on Speaker

Scary moment last night ... when Verne Troyer fell hard while dancing on the DJ booth at a nightclub and smacked his head on a speaker -- but fortunately, we're told HE'S OKAY!!!

46-year-old Troyer was dancing his ass off at LIV nightclub in Miami and having a blast during Cedric Gervais' set -- but you can see in the video, he loses his balance and tumbles backwards until he hits the speaker.

The good news ... the owner of the club, Dave Grutman, was there to quickly help Troyer up -- and Verne let everyone know he was ready to keep the party going! 

Verne's a tough dude -- plus, he's been through worse ...