Ghostface Killah I'll Burn Your Beard, Action Bronson!! If My Shooters Don't Get You First

7/20/2015 11:22 AM PDT

Ghostface Killah to Action Bronson -- I'll Burn Your Beard ... If My Shooters Don't Get You First (VIDEO)

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Ghostface Killah is threatening to put a hit out on Action Bronson -- bragging to the Queens rapper that he's got "shooters" ready to get the job done.

The beef exploded this morning when Ghostface responded to a few cracks Action made on ESPN's "Sportsnation" -- hinting the legendary Wu-Tang Clan MC was washed up.

If AB was joking ... Ghostface did NOT see the humor. Watch his video response ... it's borderline criminal.

Action got the message though -- he apologized moments after Ghostface posted the video, saying ... "When ur wrong ur wrong and I was wrong. I apologized for the comments."

One funny part of this -- the smooth Teddy Pendergrass cut in the background. Soul music makes everything better.