Constantine Maroulis Baby Mama Was a Wrecking Ball

8/15/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Constantine Maroulis -- Baby Mama was a Wrecking Ball


Constantine Maroulis told cops his baby mama left a trail of destruction in the home they shared ... violently trashing everything from his car to his flat screen.

We obtained docs Constantine used to get a restraining order against Angel Reed, and if he's telling the truth it's clear why he's living in fear. He says she kicked in the door of his Jaguar, destroyed artwork, his flat screen and various memorabilia.

Constantine goes on to say Angel drinks heavily and has criminals in her family. As a result he says he fears for his safety and the safety of their daughter.

TMZ broke the story ... Constantine was arrested Wednesday morning after a fight in which she claims he kicked her in the groin. He claims self-defense.