Action Bronson Getting Sued For Sampling Salsa

8/19/2015 6:57 AM PDT

Action Bronson -- Getting Sued For Sampling Salsa


Action Bronson’s big appetite for Latin music is coming back to haunt him … he’s being sued for allegedly ripping off 2 tracks by Puerto Rican salsa legends El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico.

The owners of El Gran Combo's songs “Falsaria” and “Trampolin” say the tracks were sampled without permission on Bronson's songs "Mofongo" and "Tapas."

They say Bronson even admitted on Twitter in 2011 he sampled “Falsaria” and single out a 2014 Inquisitor interview where the Queens rapper gushed, "I like to cook to Spanish and Latin music. If you're in the kitchen ... I'd suggest bands like El Gran Cambo de Puerto Rico."

They bring up his affinity for  naming songs after food dishes … “Mofongo,” is also the name of a popular Puerto Rican dish. 

They claim Bronson has made and is still making bank off the plagiarism because the tracks are still all over music platforms. The owners want Bronson to stop distribution and pay them damages.