Mel Gibson Claims Aussie Pap Attack Never Happened

8/24/2015 6:25 AM PDT

Mel Gibson -- Claims Australian Pap Attack Never Happened

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Mel Gibson is calling BS on a female photographer in Australia who claims he shoved her and went on an obscenity-laden tirade during a heated exchange when the pap tried to take his picture.

Kristi Miller, a photog for the Daily Telegraph, claims she was taking a photo of Mel and his girlfriend. The photog says, "I turned around he shoved my back really hard ... It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. I don't know if it was his hands or elbow."

Miller also claimed Gibson "was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell."

But Gibson's rep says Miller is lying, saying, "Basically Mr. Gibson and his friend were being harassed by this photographer and he asked her repeatedly to stop, which she did not. There was never any physical contact whatsoever and the story being told by her is a complete fabrication of the truth."

Police in Surry Hills (a suburb of Sydney) say they're investigating.