Andy Warhol Theft Someone Switched the Jews!!!

9/8/2015 12:40 AM PDT

Andy Warhol Theft -- Someone Switched the Jews!!!


Some of the most famous Jews in the 20th Century are missing, and the LAPD is now on the case.

The Jews in question are long gone, but their images live on through Andy Warhol, who famously created a series he called Ten Portraits of Jews of the 20th Century.  

A family scooped up the legendary silk screens in the '80s and displayed them on the walls of their L.A. business -- a movie editing company. A few months ago a member of  the family noticed the silk screens were sagging, so he took them to get reframed. 

Much to his horror, the framer told the guy the silk screens were fake. It then became clear ... someone swapped out the originals for the fakes. Turns out other original Warhols were also stolen, including the famous Bald Eagle. The thief made off with 9 pieces, worth $350,000.

The LAPD investigated and determined someone took one of the stolen silk screens to Bonhams auction house in L.A. to sell. Cops got a search warrant they executed last month, forcing Bonhams to produce records so authorities could hone in on the thief.

We don't know if cops got what they were looking for. 

FYI ... in case you're wondering, the 10 famous Jews are Golda Meir, The Marx Brothers, George Gershwin, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, Louis Brandeis, Gertrude Stein, Sarah Bernhardt, Martin Buber and Sigmund Freud.