Barbara Walters 'The View' Will KILL Her LEGACY!! ... Julie Chen Warns

9/8/2015 6:55 AM PDT

Barbara Walters -- 'The View' Will KILL HER LEGACY!! Julie Chen Warns (AUDIO)

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Barbara Walters is on the verge of tarnishing her legendary TV career ... IF she dares to return to "The View" -- at least that's what her friends are telling her.

One of Barbara's more famous counselors, Julie Chen ... went on "The Howard Stern Show" this morning and said Barbara really is considering going back to the show she created -- but she's getting strong advice to avoid it like the plague.

As Julie put it ... "That ship has sailed. No one can turn it around." 

Julie and Sharon Osbourne had more to say about the possible move -- but what's weird, of course, is they co-host "The Talk" ... a main competitor of "The View." So, they've clearly got a dog in the fight.

Question is ... will Barbara rejoin that fight?