Sharon Osbourne I'd Never Go Back to 'The Talk' or CBS ... They 'Suck D***'!!!


Sharon Osbourne wouldn't go back to CBS if they unloaded a Brinks truck in front of her house ... because the bad blood is still boiling.

Sharon and Ozzy were at Erewhon market in L.A. Thursday, and our photog asked the question lots of folks want to know ... Whoopi Goldberg's punishment was way less severe than Sharon's, so would she consider going back to "The Talk" if CBS asked her?

Well, we're thinkin' she wouldn't give it another go, because she said, "I would never go back to that show because CBS sucks big time d**k."  So we're thinkin' no.


As you know, Sharon got the ax after defending her friend Piers Morgan who attacked Meghan Markle on his show.

She also made it clear ... she's not hanging it up -- she is NOT retiring. Sounds like she's got plans.

Ozzy was quiet ... he's been ill for a while. We asked how he was doing and Sharon said he's ok. Hopefully, he's on the rebound.

Sara Gilbert Legal Separation from Linda Perry Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry's split is finally official -- because a court has signed off on everything ... including what happens with their kid.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the former couple's legal separation became official last week, and it looks like a pretty clean break ... with the couple agreeing on a 50/50 split on custody.

As you know, Sara and Linda have a 6-year-old son together, Rhodes, and they will have joint physical and legal custody ... so, both will continue to weigh in on various decisions, such as school and medical issues.

Day-to-day decisions over the boy's well-being will be the responsibility of the parent he's with at any given time. Neither of them will pay child support to the other -- they're both very successful, after all.

When it comes to how they're going to be splitting up their property and other assets ... there's a separate agreement, but those details aren't public.

Sara and Linda got hitched in 2014, with SG giving birth to Rhodes in 2015. She's got 2 other children from previous relationships. Sara created and co-hosted "The Talk" for years, and has since gone on to star in the "Roseanne" spinoff, "The Conners."

Linda is the lead singer of the '90s rock band, 4 Non Blondes -- and also founded 2 record labels.

'The Talk' Guest Co-Host is Mr. Roach!!! Crawls into Sheryl's Shot


This is NOT the replacement co-host Sheryl Underwood or anyone else at "The Talk" had in mind, and yet, there he is ... Mr. Cockroach hogging the spotlight!!!

It all went down during Monday's episode as Sheryl was introducing a segment about an unruly Delta Air Lines passenger on a flight from LAX to the ATL. Little did she know there was an unruly guest in the studio ... slowly creeping in her background.

It didn't seem to bug Sheryl ... but probably only because she didn't see it. La Cucaracha was several feet behind her, silently climbing a wall on set.

"The Talk" films in the massive CBS Studio Center in Studio City, so let's be real ... there's gonna be an invading critter every now and then. This one just happened to find his key light.

FOX News

Could have been much worse ... just ask former VP Mike Pence.

Then again, Sheryl might have handled it like a boss ... a la President Biden fending off that cicada last week.

We'll never know. We hope ... for Sheryl and all the 'Talk' co-host's sakes.

Sharon Osbourne Leaves 'The Talk' Amid Network Investigation

Sharon Osbourne is done talking, at least on CBS' daytime TV lineup ... because she's leaving "The Talk."

CBS announced Friday Sharon decided to quit -- a move that comes on the heels of her recent on-air feud with co-host Sheryl Underwood. Things got heated on the March 10 episode when Sharon defended her friend Piers Morgan against claims his coverage of Meghan Markle was rooted in racism.


The argument left Sheryl in tears and sparked a network investigation into multiple allegations Sharon had made racist remarks over the years to co-workers

Sharon eventually posted an apology, but it apparently wasn't enough to fix all the damage.

Referring to the March 10 incident, CBS says Sharon's behavior toward her co-hosts "did not align with our values for a respectful workplace."

"The Talk" went on hiatus last week and CBS says it has been using the time off to have workshops and training about equity, inclusion and cultural awareness for hosts, producers and crew.

CBS says the show is coming back April 12 ... but Sharon won't be there.

Sharon Osbourne I'm Getting Death Threats Over 'Talk' ... Hires Private Security

Sharon Osbourne and her family -- including her dogs -- have been receiving death threats since her dust-up on "The Talk" ... so she's hired her own security.

Sources close to Sharon tell TMZ ... following last week's on-air dispute with co-host Sheryl Underwood over defending Piers Morgan and his harsh comments about Meghan Markle, Sharon's been bombarded by angry folks on social media and she's received several calls to her home threatening her safety.

Sharon's social media has been flooded with comments like, "Die and go to hell." "F**k Sharon Osbourne, her husband, her momma, them ugly f**kin' kids, the family dog and the b***h that lives next door. She can go die in a fish grease fire" and "I hope Sharon Osbourne gets hit by one last wave of COVID & dies."

We're told Sharon's personal phone numbers have also been blowing up, wishing harm on her and her dogs.

The private security company's been stationed outside the Osbournes' L.A.-area home all week to keep an eye on things.

Meanwhile, Sharon's turned off comments on her most recent couple of Instagram posts because they were so nasty.

As for the issues over at "The Talk" -- which went on hiatus following Sharon and Sheryl's contentious exchange -- we're told Sharon's still reeling from it ... but she's hopeful there can be a reconciliation at some point and she can return to a peaceful environment.


As we reported ... Sharon fired off an apology for offending or disappointing people of color with her words, but explained she "panicked, felt blindsided, got defensive & allowed my fear & horror of being accused of being racist take over."

Our sources say Sharon and Sheryl have not spoken since last week, and Osbourne has also not had any contact with CBS or 'Talk' honchos while they are conducting their investigation.

Regardless of what happens, we're told Sharon's staying positive and confident that her future is bright.

Piers Morgan Sharon Was Bullied into Apology ... Simply for Defending Me!!!

Piers Morgan's fuming after claiming his friend, Sharon Osbourne, was shamed into making an apology for defending him ... and now he wants her 'Talk' cohorts to say sorry to him!

The ex-"Good Morning Britain" host said early Friday morning he can't believe "this is where we've reached" after Sharon posted a lengthy apology Thursday night for the on-air spat she had with her cohosts.

If ya missed it, Sharon went to bat for Piers against claims his criticism of Meghan Markle was rooted in racism.


In her mea culpa, Sharon said, "To anyone of color that I offended and/or to anyone that feels confused or let down by what I said, I am truly sorry. I panicked, felt blindsided, got defensive & allowed my fear & horror of being accused of being racist take over."

She added she doesn't condone racism, misogyny or bullying, and ... "There are very few things that hurt my heart more than racism so to feel associated with that spun me fast!!"


Piers, however, is adamant Sharon herself got bullied into posting that apology, and stood up for himself ... insisting that just because he "doesn't believe Meghan Markle's bulls**t" ... that doesn't make him a racist.

He added, "I demand an apology from those @TheTalkCBS bullies for their disgraceful slurs against ME."

Round and round we go.

Sharon Osbourne Fiercely Defends Pal Piers Morgan ... How Is He a Racist?!?


Sharon Osbourne's going to bat for her pal Piers Morgan, and his right to sound off about Meghan Markle -- but doing so has her feeling "like I'm about to be put in the electric chair."

Yeah, things got that heated when Sharon squared off with her co-host Sheryl Underwood on "The Talk," and demanded to know how in the world Piers is racist for simply criticizing Meghan.

Wednesday's argument brought Sheryl close to tears ... while Sharon was pissed she actually had to defend herself as not being racist.


Sharon begged Sheryl to explain how anything Piers said about Meghan was racist, and not just his opinion about the Oprah interview. Watch the clip, Sheryl made a calm and passionate attempt to explain ... but Sharon wasn't having it.


As you'll recall ... Piers dragged Meghan over her and Prince Harry's interview with Oprah ... calling her a liar over her claims of racism against the Royal Family, among other things.

He doubled down on "Good Morning Britain" before he quit the show. Since then, the UK's media regulator said it received over 41k complaints over Piers' comments.

As for Sheryl and Sharon ... it'll be interesting to see if they've squashed their beef by Thursday's 'Talk' episode.

Marie Osmond Replacing Sara Gilbert on 'The Talk'

Marie Osmond is joining "The Talk" ... replacing Sara Gilbert, but not without a little controversy, TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the show tell us, Marie has signed on for the gig and the big announcement will go down live on "The Talk" this coming Tuesday. Marie has guest hosted on the show before, and we're told when she was on the ratings spiked.

That said, there's a little grumbling with a few of the women. We're told they feel a better replacement for Sara would have been someone younger and edgier ... not the 59-year-old singer. But, the bosses laid down the law, and Marie is a go.

Marie and brother Donny have a residency at the Flamingo hotel in Vegas, which runs through November. She'll have to do double duty, flying back and forth from Vegas to L.A. during the run. She's doing 5 shows a week with Donny, so there will be LOTS of flying.

Marie's no stranger to talk shows. She and Donny had one from 1998-2000.

Sheryl Underwood to Kevin Spacey Let Me Be Frank ... Stop Ruining Our Good Name!!!


Kevin Spacey getting into character to address his real-life sexual assault allegations was a bad move, both in culpability and name-smearing ... so says a fellow Underwood.

We got Sheryl Underwood of "The Talk" Sunday at LAX, and asked what she made of Spacey's bizarre Christmas video, in which he delivered a monologue as Frank Underwood from "House of Cards," and suggested he was owed due process before a rush to judgment.

Kevin Spacey

Considering the seriousness of the subject, Sheryl's got a pretty humorous take on the whole thing ... telling us Spacey has ruined the Underwood name for herself and other real Underwoods in Hollywood. She says this weird video of his definitely didn't help the cause.

As we reported, Spacey has been criminally charged in Massachusetts for allegedly groping an 18-year-old's privates in 2016 while at a bar in Nantucket. Spacey's lawyers tried to sink the charge by claiming no sexual assault victim would allow themselves to be groped for 3 minutes ... which is what they say the alleged victim told investigators much later.

His legal team failed in their bid to get the charge dismissed.

Spacey's set to be arraigned in court next week. He's resurfaced in the East Coast, and is clearly trying to lay low ahead of his hearing.

As for Sheryl ... she says regardless of how things turn out for him in a court of law, she'll never be able to watch another movie of his the same way again. Ditto on that.

Julie Chen on 'Big Brother' I'm 'Moonves' Forever And the Audience Loves It

Julie Chen's sign-off last week on 'Big Brother' wasn't a one-time stunt -- 'cause she did it again for Wednesday night's episode, and got major love.

Sources at Tuesday night's taping tell TMZ ... Julie opened the show by saying ... "Good evening, I'm Julie Chen Moonves. Welcome to 'Big Brother.'" Her words were met with a thunderous show of support from the audience.


Julie signed off with the Moonves surname during last week's episode -- and now it seems she is taking her husband's name full-time, on the heels of his hasty exit from CBS amid sexual misconduct allegations.

TMZ broke the story ... Julie wants to stay on as the host of 'Big Brother,' and CBS won't ask her to go. Assuming they renew the hit show for another season, she's likely to stay put.


"The Talk" is a different story. Julie announced her exit from that show Tuesday. We're told she left on her own accord ... and wasn't asked to leave.

Julie Chen Officially Announces Exit from 'The Talk'


Julie Chen just formally announced she's leaving "The Talk" and her departing message thanked both her fans and costars.

The longtime talk show host and CBS anchor appeared in a pre-recorded video Tuesday at the bottom of the show, where she said, in part, that she was leaving "The Talk" to spend more time with her husband, Les Moonves, and their young son.

Julie, who eventually became teary-eyed during her remarks, thanked all the hosts of "The Talk," singling out each one and quickly reminiscing on their friendship. She ended with "I love you all, and I know this show and the sisterhood it stands for will live on for many, many, many more years to come. You ladies got this, and I cannot be more proud to call you my friends. I love you."

The camera eventually cut back to the main set where all the ladies were in tears. Sara Gilbert quickly thanked Julie for her contributions to "The Talk" and the program ended from there without further discussion.

As we reported ... Julie was slated to make the announcement that she would be off of "The Talk" effective immediately. No word on whether she's leaving her "Big Brother" hosting gig just yet, but it appears she'll be sticking it out for the short term. She's hosting again this week.


Julie returned to "Big Brother" last week without mentioning the sexual assault allegations against her husband, Les Moonves. She also didn't talk about his forced resignation from CBS in the wake of several women coming forward to accuse him of past sexual misconduct.

She did, however, sign off on Thursday's episode as Julie Chen Moonves ... clearly showing her support for her husband.

No word yet on a potential replacement for Julie on "The Talk" ... but some people have already shown interest in the gig. However, 'DWTS' judge Carrie Ann Inaba did fill in for Julie as a guest host Tuesday .... and Julie indicated she looked great in that seat.

Claudia Jordan Soooo, Now That Julie Chen's Gone ... Holla At Your Girl, CBS!!!


Claudia Jordan is trying her best to talk her way into "The Talk" ... with no apologies to Julie Chen ... who Claudia thinks shouldn't be stepping down anyway.

We got Claudia in L.A. leaving Avenue nightclub Monday night, and she was not shy about angling to replace Julie as a co-host on the CBS daytime talk show. As we reported, Julie announced Monday she's leaving "The Talk" ... effective immediately.

The move, of course, comes on the heels of her husband Les Moonves' ousting as CBS' top honcho following myriad allegations of sexual misconduct. Speaking of those allegations ... Claudia says it's BS Les' misdeeds turned Julie into collateral damage.

Julie Chen Absent From 'The Talk' ... Sharon Osbourne Tears Up


Julie Chen is taking time off her gig on CBS' "The Talk" to be with husband, Les Moonves, who just resigned from heading up the network amid sexual misconduct allegations, and Sharon Osbourne says people at CBS -- including the ladies at "The Talk" -- are fearful of losing their jobs.

Julie is still featured in the opening of the show, but when the remaining 4 women walked out onstage, Sharon began by saying it's the first time on the show she's been nervous.

She explained Julie has been there for her over the last 9 years since the show debuted, and then walked a tightrope, saying she now believes the stories of Moonves' accusers are strikingly similar and credible.

Sharon then suggested her own show might be on the chopping block because there's now a new regime at CBS ... and not just her show -- all shows.

Julie issued a statement saying she will be appearing on "Big Brother" this Thursday, adding, "I am taking a few days off from 'The Talk' to be with my family. I will be back soon and will see you Thursday night on 'Big Brother.'"

There was speculation Julie might also leave the network, but so far no evidence of that.

Sheryl Underwood on Kate Spade I've Been Through This ... Her Daughter's Pain Won't Go Away

Kate Spade's suicide note will make her death infinitely harder for Kate's daughter and family ... according to Sheryl Underwood, who sadly knows exactly what they're going through.

Sheryl had an extraordinarily emotional moment on Wednesday's episode of "The Talk." Her husband killed himself in 1990 after they'd been married for 3 years, and she bravely discussed how it's still affecting her.

As Sheryl put it, "I'm sad for her daughter, for that to be in the note because my husband left a note. And what the note does to the person who is still alive is, it shows that the person who is no longer alive has now had the final word."

Sara Gilbert ABC Was Right to Cancel 'Roseanne'


Sara Gilbert is finally speaking out about Roseanne Barr and ABC pulling the plug on the "Roseanne" reboot ... and she's in complete agreement with the network.

Sara made her first on-camera remarks Monday on her other show, "The Talk," and right off the bat admitted, it's "been a very difficult week." She also talked about how hurtful Roseanne's tweets were to everyone, cast and crew, who worked on the show.

TMZ broke the story ... there are talks going on about possibly bringing the show back, but having it center around Sara's character. She did not talk about that.

Not yet.

Sharon Osbourne Talking Again After Split With Ozzy


Sharon Osbourne returned to "The Talk" Tuesday and made it clear ... she and Ozzy are on the outs and an alleged affair is at the bottom of it.

Sharon walked out with a glass of lemonade ... clearly a reference to Beyonce's album about Jay Z and alleged cheating.

Sharon was strong and blunt, saying she did indeed kick Ozzy out of the house. Sharon says she and Ozzy are still on speaking terms but has no idea what to expect for their future.

As TMZ reported ... Sharon confronted Ozzy with allegedly having an affair with a celebrity hairdresser. Ozzy moved out of the family house last week and stayed in a hotel, but had a change of heart and on Monday moved back to the Bev Hills home. Sharon packed some things and left.

We're told Sharon hasn't decided whether to file for divorce after 33 years of marriage.

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