Kelly Osbourne Shot at Ozzy's Alleged Mistress Lookin' for Oral Pleasure?

Kelly Osbourne went after the hairdresser with whom her dad, Ozzy, allegedly had an affair ... with a vengeance.

As you can see, she posted, "Anyone looking for cheap chunky LOW-lights a blow out and a b*** job."

She went on to post her phone number.

Kelly also fired off at someone suggesting Ozzy is at fault too ... saying "my father is almost 70 ever hear of elder abuse?"

Don't mess with the Osbournes.

Sharon Osbourne Lawyering Up for Divorce

Sharon Osbourne is interviewing divorce lawyers ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with Sharon tell us, she's mentally ready to take steps to end her 33 year marriage to Ozzy. Since they have no minor children and California is a no fault state, a divorce would boil down to a property settlement.

We're told Sharon decided late last week she would lawyer up. And, our sources say, the fact she and Ozzy appeared onstage together for Thursday's Ozzfest announcement is not a sign they've reconciled. We're told they have not.


Michelle Pugh, the "other woman" at the center of the Sharon/Ozzy split, resurfaced Thursday at the Bev Hills salon where she works, but said nothing.

Sharon Osbourne Talking Again After Split With Ozzy


Sharon Osbourne returned to "The Talk" Tuesday and made it clear ... she and Ozzy are on the outs and an alleged affair is at the bottom of it.

Sharon walked out with a glass of lemonade ... clearly a reference to Beyonce's album about Jay Z and alleged cheating.

Sharon was strong and blunt, saying she did indeed kick Ozzy out of the house. Sharon says she and Ozzy are still on speaking terms but has no idea what to expect for their future.

As TMZ reported ... Sharon confronted Ozzy with allegedly having an affair with a celebrity hairdresser. Ozzy moved out of the family house last week and stayed in a hotel, but had a change of heart and on Monday moved back to the Bev Hills home. Sharon packed some things and left.

We're told Sharon hasn't decided whether to file for divorce after 33 years of marriage.

Sharon Osbourne Ozzy Moved Back Home ... So I'm Outta Here

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne had a showdown Monday, when he came back to the family home, saying he had a right to stay, and her response was simple and strong ... she left.

We're told now Sharon has moved out, at least temporarily. As we reported, Ozzy moved to a hotel after Sharon confronted him over an alleged affair he was having with a celebrity hairstylist.

We're told Ozzy had a change of heart Monday and decided the Beverly Hills home was his as much as hers, and that's why he stood his ground and returned.

Sharon, we're told, has not softened ... she packed some things and left.

As for divorce ... we're told "it's undecided."

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne Split Again

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split again ... and this time it did not involve drugs ... TMZ has confirmed.

Our sources say Ozzy has moved out and Sharon is staying in the family home. There's no evidence Ozzy's been on drugs for months. When that happens, his pattern is to speak out and she definitely speaks out.

We're told the split definitely did not involve substance abuse.

The couple has been married for 33 years. She left him in 2013 after his drug and alcohol addictions spun out of control, but he got help and she took him back.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Living Together Again

Ozzy Osbourne is officially out of Sharon's dog house ... and has moved back in with his wife ... after convincing Sharon he's been drug and alcohol free for months, TMZ has learned.

It's a big step for the couple, considering they split earlier this year ... when Ozzy fell off the wagon.

Sharon insisted she wouldn't take Ozzy back until he cleaned himself up -- and to prove she meant business, she moved out of the family home and into the Beverly Hills Hotel.

But now, it seems Sharon's convinced Ozzy's winning the war with his demons ... because the two not only walked the red carpet together at the Daytime Emmys on Sunday (and shared a kiss) ... they also went home together after the show.

We're told Sharon is determined to help Ozzy stay off the junk -- she's even hired a "sober team" to monitor the rock star 24/7 and help him steer clear of potential hazards.

Ozzy Osbourne on Sharon VERY POSITIVE ... Sorta Delusional

Good news -- Ozzy Osbourne says things are going GREAT in his effort to fix the problems in his marriage.

Bad news -- He's sorta refusing to acknowledge there were problems in the first place.

Ozzy was finishing up a grocery run at Bristol Farms in L.A. yesterday when we asked about his relationship with Sharon ... and Ozzy sounded extremely positive.

As we previously reported, the two were living apart earlier this year after Ozzy fell off the wagon and began using drugs and alcohol again. Sharon told reporters she was "devastated" by his behavior.

So it was a little baffling yesterday when Ozzy told us there was never a problem to begin with between himself and Sharon ... because we know that's simply not true.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Back Together ... on a Red Carpet

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne took another step toward a possible reconciliation when the pair walked the red carpet at an event in Beverly Hills last night with their daughter Kelly.

As TMZ first reported, Sharon and Ozzy met for lunch earlier in the day. Our spies say that as the meal went along, the two got pretty cozy together.

The couple split last month and our sources say Sharon won't consider getting back together with Ozzy until he proves he is sober for good.

Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Lunch Date in Beverly Hills

In what appears to be their first public out since they split last month, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne had lunch together today in Beverly Hills ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, the two dined at the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We're told Ozzy arrived first, accompanied by another man, and Sharon arrived a short time later.

The three dined at a booth inside, with our sources saying Sharon and Ozzy did not appear "romantic" ... rather more like a business lunch ... but the two were definitely talking.

As TMZ first reported, Sharon has been telling friends she would not consider getting back together with Ozzy until he proves he's sober for good this time. Last month, Ozzy wrote on Facebook that he had been sober since early March ... so if he has stayed clean, he'd be about 2.5 months sober now.

Time will tell if that's proof enough for Sharon that Ozzy has changed his ways.

UPDATE 2:20 PM PT -- One source tells us that by the end of the lunch, Ozzy and Sharon were "cozying up together in the booth."

Sharon Osbourne Speaks Ozzy's Booze Not News ... But Pills Were A Shock

Sharon Osbourne says she's devastated by Ozzy's relapse ... she knew he was back on the booze, but not the pills ... but she wanted to make one thing clear ... they're NOT getting divorced.

Sharon opened up about walking out on Ozzy on "The Talk" today.

Sharon laid down a threat ... what she'll do if Ozzy screws up again.

As Sharon was spilling the beans, Ozzy blew into Brisbane, Australia -- he's touring Down Under -- sporting a bowler hat and a big, sober smile ...

Ozzy Osbourne 49 Days Sober ... and Still Headbanging

Ozzy Osbourne celebrated his 49th day of sobriety by rocking out HARD -- we're talkin' crotch-thrusting, hardcore headbanging, and running around a stage like a maniac ... and it was awesome.

Osbourne -- who's 64 years old -- performed with Black Sabbath in New Zealand on Saturday ... just days after coming clean about his private struggle with drugs and alcohol.

We broke the story, Ozzy's wife Sharon decided to separate from the rock star after learning he'd fallen off the wagon -- and said she wouldn't come back until he was sober for several months.

The ultimatum seems to be working -- 'cause he looked fresh and energized on stage.

Sharon Osbourne 911 Tape ... A Clue to the Split?

The Sharon Osbourne 911 tape -- where she desperately calls a dispatcher asking for help after a candle at her home lit a table on fire -- may be a clue to the marital strife that led to their split.

We've re-listened to the tape -- recorded January 17 at 4:45 AM -- and you hear Ozzy at the beginning, sounding somewhat incoherent. It's possible Ozzy was no different than normal, but we now know he's only been sober for around 45 days after 1 1/2 years of abusing drugs and alcohol, so that would mean he was using at the time of the 911 call.

So here's what we have. Someone lit a candle and then carelessly let it burn. Ozzy was off the wagon. It was 4:45 AM. Sharon sounds like she's the one who was blindsided.

On the other hand ... Sharon told TMZ shortly after the incident that SHE was responsible.

Was it Sharon's fault or was she covering up for Ozzy?

Sharon Osbourne I Won't Go Back to Ozzy 'Til He's Clean for Months

Sharon Osbourne is in the business of tough love ... because she's NOT going to reconcile with hubby Ozzy Osbourne until he proves to her he'll be sober for the long haul.

Sources connected to the couple tell us ... even though Ozzy says he's been sober for 44 days ... it's not enough for her. She's been living with this most recent bout of drug and alcohol abuse for a year-and-a-half, and Sharon is saying 44 days doesn't make that go away.

Ozzy has admitted ... his boozing and drug use caused their split but he's confident Sharon will NOT end their 31-year marriage by filing for divorce.

Our sources say ... Sharon's intention is not to end the marriage, but she believes she has to make it clear to Ozzy once and for all ... she can't handle his substance abuse.

Sources familiar with the situation say there will be NO divorce. As one person put it, "They've been through hell and back together. They're not breaking up."

Sharon Osbourne Heels in Mexico

A foot massage doesn't cure all, but it helped Sharon Osbourne a little bit as she decompressed in Mexico following her split from hubby Ozzy Osbourne.

As we reported ... Sharon and Ozzy are living separately in L.A. -- she moved into the Beverly Hills Hotel and Ozzy rented a house a few miles away.

Sharon shot down to the Esperanza Resort in Cabo this weekend, but the split was clearly on her mind. She was texting constantly and talking on the phone.

Ozzy just posted on Facebook that he's been back on drugs and the bottle for the last year-and-a-half, and he seems to be saying that caused the rift. Ozzy also says he's been sober for 44 days and is sure he can save the marriage.

It's unclear how permanent the split promises to be. As far as we know there are no immediate plans to end the Osbourne's 31-year marriage.

One source said ... Sharon and Ozzy have done this before, and it's a good bet they'll pull a Danny DeVito/Rhea Perlman and rekindle the relationship.

Sharon & Ozzy SPLIT

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have split up ... at least temporarily ... and they are now living apart ... multiple sources tell TMZ.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... Sharon is currently living at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while Ozzy is living at a rented home several miles from the Bev Hills Hotel.

There were reports ... they were not living in the family home because of renovations, but that is not the case now ... they are living separately.

As far as we know ... there are no plans for divorce ... at least not now.

Sharon and Ozzy have been married for 31 years and have 3 kids.

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