Sharon Osbourne Ozzy Moved Back Home ... So I'm Outta Here

5/10/2016 10:31 AM PDT

Sharon Osbourne: Ozzy Moved Back Home, So I'm Outta Here


Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne had a showdown Monday, when he came back to the family home, saying he had a right to stay, and her response was simple and strong ... she left.

We're told now Sharon has moved out, at least temporarily.  As we reported, Ozzy moved to a hotel after Sharon confronted him over an alleged affair he was having with a celebrity hairstylist.  

We're told Ozzy had a change of heart Monday and decided the Beverly Hills home was his as much as hers, and that's why he stood his ground and returned.

Sharon, we're told, has not softened ... she packed some things and left.

As for divorce ... we're told "it's undecided."