Kevin Spacey Gets the Boot from Catch LA ... Torn Off Famous Mural!!!

10/22/2018 7:33 AM PDT

Kevin Spacey Removed from Famous Mural at Catch LA

The verdict is in on Kevin Spacey ... at least as far as one Hollywood hot spot is concerned ... he's been 86'd from the restaurant's wall of fame mural.

Spacey used to have a prominent spot on the wall at Catch LA -- right next to NBA superstar and all-around good guy Chris Paul, and not far from Mr. Clean. Irony much? Now, he's been replaced by Sony Music honcho Clive Davis.

It's been a year since the wave of Spacey's sexual misconduct accusers started coming forward. There are multiple active investigations -- in the U.S. and the UK -- however, he has not been criminally charged.

That's all fine in a court of law, but the jury at Catch has already ruled.