Susan Sarandon Gets All Trippy In Video Tribute to LSD Guru

9/10/2015 2:58 PM PDT

Susan Sarandon Gets All Trippy in Video Tribute to LSD Guru Timothy Leary

Susan Sarandon is a sight to behold in this video ... looking like a cross between a flower child and Victorian aristocracy ... as she sang the praises of LSD and Timothy Leary

Sarandon held a ceremony last week honoring Leary at Burning Man. They were pals and he left her some of his ashes after he died in 1996, while the lump sum was shot up into space. 

Susan's definitely a fan of LSD. She doesn't say she's ever indulged, but when you watch the video it's not hard to read between the lines.

Susan held a procession and then spread her divvy of the ashes on the Playa.

The best part of the video ... Sarandon asking everyone to recall their favorite or worst trips.

Good luck recalling.