Stacy Keibler WEEKEND AT BURNING MAN No Clooney? No Problem.

9/3/2013 8:46 AM PDT

Stacy Keibler -- WEEKEND AT BURNING MAN ... No George Clooney? No Problem.

Just two months after her split from George Clooney, Stacy Keibler trekked into the scorching Nevada desert for the Burning Man festival ... in a very tiny outfit.

FYI -- Burning Man is essentially a massive art festival in the middle of the desert which focuses on "radical self expression and self-reliance."

Translation -- Lots of drugs. Lots of sex. Lots of hippies.   

As for Keibler, she attended the event with her rumored boyfriend Jared Pobre (a tech entrepreneur) and documented her experience on Twitter -- including her stop at something called the "Hug Deli."

It's unclear what Stacy ordered from the Hug Deli, there were so many options (warm + fuzzy hug, bear hug, gangsta hug) ... but we know she didn't pay for it in cash -- the entire festival is based on a barter economy.

So, what did Keibler have to offer? We can think of a few things ...