Kylie Jenner I'll Have Chinese Take-Out ... For $5,000!

9/22/2015 12:50 AM PDT

Kylie Jenner -- I'll Have Chinese Take-Out ... for $5,000!


Kylie Jenner dropped major stacks to have her favorite fancy Bev Hills restaurant come to her, just because she caught a case of the lazy Sundays.

Kylie was craving Philippe Chow -- the uber popular Chinese restaurant -- but didn't feel like trekking 45 minutes from her Calabasas pad, especially not on Sunday Funday. So instead, she opted for take-out ... the ultra rich way. 

We're told KJ dropped $5k to have Philippe Chow send a private chef to feed 5-10 friends.

Nothing too fancy on the menu -- fried rice and chicken and shrimp satay. Normies ordering at the restaurant only drop about $10.95 for fried rice, and $15.95 for the satay ... so $5,000 = leftovers!

Someone's really getting used to having money to burn ... or sautée.