Danny Pintauro Grindr Users Want to Score Meth ... As Much as Sex

9/30/2015 6:12 AM PDT

'Who's the Boss?' Star Danny Pintauro -- Grindr Users Want to Score Meth as Much as Sex (VIDEO)


Former "Who's the Boss?" star Danny Pintauro says Grindr is about more than casual sex ... it's filled with MSCME -- men seeking crystal meth encounters.

Of course, Pintauro just revealed he has HIV, so we asked what he thought about Grindr's legal threat against an AIDS org that warned hookups on the app could lead to STDs -- and he went off about meth.

Pintauro thinks the drug is a huge part of the reason people hook up on Grindr, and told us all about his own experience. Danny battled crystal meth addiction.

We've reached out to Grindr, but no word back yet.

Also interesting ... Danny's controversial comment that he was "relieved" to find out he'd contracted HIV. We asked him if he wanted to rephrase. He simply doubled down.