T.I.'s Wife Tiny My Man Is Sexist ... Sometimes

10/14/2015 12:50 AM PDT

T.I.'s Wife Tiny My Husband's Sexist ... Sometimes


T.I.'s wife says her husband is old fashioned, and yes ... sometimes sexist when it comes to recognizing the capabilities of women.

Tiny was leaving LAX Tuesday when we asked her about T.I. dissing Hillary Clinton ... saying he'd never vote for a female president, because women are too emotional and make rash decisions. 

Watch how Tiny tried like hell to support her man, and even shouldered a bit of the blame for his misogynist comments -- claiming T.I. just has a "take care of women" mentality.

But ultimately, Tiny said there's a new sheriff in town ... and her name ain't Tip.

Dinner should be interesting.